Meet the team 

at Arthur Street Studios

JOSH 'JP' aka JoshjosH

Josh is a seasoned musician, songwriter and producer. He has worked with some of Australia's top engineers and musicians from around the globe including: Ian Moss, Birds of Tokyo, Nathan Sheehy (Dune Rats, DZ Deathrays, Bluejuice and Sleepsmakeswaves), Butch Walker, Missy Lancaster, Rachel Fahim and more...

Josh is all about the artist, he works closely with them to capture authentic sounds while providing support and feedback during the production phase/s. Josh has a knack for sculpting production in a way that represents music in its truest fashion, while being able to incorporate modern sounds.

Josh's specialty is vocal production, songwriting and interesting guitar-based instrumentation with accompanying rhythmic elements. He also has access to a long list of session musicians able to provide drums, bass, keys, bv's, vocal coaching and session guitarists.


Meet James, he’s a musician, producer, mix engineer and ranga. He likes to think ‘outside the box’ and strives to capture art in a way that creates organic recordings. He is a one-stop-shop for all production and mixing having grown up performing as a multi-instrumentalist and studying music at a tertiary level. His career has seen him teach secondary music to aspiring young musicians and has seen a recent foray into developing music education curriculum. That combined with over a decade of performing and recording live and in the studio. 

James’ habitat at Room 3, Arthur Street Studios is a place for musicians to create, capture and eventually release original music. 

If you would like to hear some samples of James’ work or book in some time with him, contact us here.