Rehearsal Tips and Techniques


How to get the best out of a rehearsal

- Things to take away from a successful rehearsal

How to get the best out of a rehearsal

- Rock up on time

- Come prepared


Make sure you know how long the trip is going to take and add a bit of extra time for things like traffic, late transport etc.. Think about it like this, if you are 15mins late and take 15 mins to setup, you have potentially lost a big chunk of your time. Because rehearsals cost money! If you are 15min early and setup right on time, you are giving your band a better chance of fully utilising your time and that extra time might allow you to get in a bunch more takes of a song. If you do that consistently, you may be adding quite a significant amount of effective practice hours to your sessions.

Coming prepared means that your gear works! Check the jack plug on your guitar, does it need a service? Is your amp working well? Did you remember your microphone etc.. Being prepare extends beyond just your gear, it means that you did your homework and learned the songs, structure and lyrics / melody / solos etc.. If I had a dollar for every time we have had to stop a rehearsal because a band member didn't know what was going on I would be a few bucks happier. But, in all honesty, it comes down to wanting it more than the band next door. Are you serious about this? Are you willing to give it a go and really make something of it? Or are you destined to be a rehearsal room tragic?

Things to take away from a successful rehearsal

- Achievement

- Being honest with yourself (and realistic!)

The biggest and most rewarding thing is just having a sense of achievement. If you feel like you leave rehearsals a little empty handed, think: "How can I make this better, more fun and more productive?". A successful rehearsal shows you:

    • Knowing the structures of the songs and knowing your parts (rhythm, chords, melody etc..)

    • Listening to others and providing positive feedback

The second thing is to be honest with yourself, if you noticed there were a few moments where you felt like you were struggling to keep up, make a note of them while they are fresh in your mind and work on them at home. Hopefully, by the time you come back next week you will have achieved what you wanted and performed with confidence and a sense of fulfilment.

Happy rehearsing!