The Arthur Street Studios team are dedicated to helping you achieve the artistic vision that you are looking for as a songwriter, or as part of a band. We have a range of producers and engineers to suit any project and strive to deliver quality music at competitive rates within realistic timeframes.

Josh - Studio Owner / Producer / Songwriter.   

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Josh is the heart, soul and mind behind Arthur Street Studios, working on his dream of creating a community of local Australian artists, producers and songwriters who come together to grow and develop as professionals and as people.

He is a passionate artist, songwriter, session guitarist, collaborator, producer, and recording engineer with over a decade of experience under his belt. When he's not producing, recording, or writing at Arthur Street, he's writing originals for his solo project JoshjosH or surfing... He has a wealth of experience having worked at notable studios in Sydney, Melbourne, LA, Nashville, Byron Bay and others, as well as touring nationally and internationally as an artist. 

Josh has a passion for supporting and developing Australian artists and refreshing mature acts. Josh has experience in all facets of the recording process having worked alongside well established engineers and producers.

Strengths - Pop, Vocal Production, Singer-Songwriter, Rock & Country

Gear Preference - Analogue Preamps and Modern Production Techniques

Jimmy - Producer / Recording Engineer.     

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Jimmy "mix wizard" is a resident recording engineer, producer, mix engineer, session musician and ranga. He likes to think outside the box while undertaking recording for artists and brings an exuberant energy to the recording process that is so infectious that you want him around all the time. Jimmy strives to achieve recordings that represent clear artistic intentions and authenticity. 

Recording Credits: Mason June, DadBod, Liam Gale & the Ponytails, Breizers, Mama Schultz, The Rackabones

Strengths - Pop, Vocal Production, Singer-Songwriter, Rock & Country

Gear Preference - Mixing Desk, Guitar Pedals and Ribbon Mics

Zach - Mix Engineer / Producer / Recording Engineer (Smashed Lantern Sound)

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Resident Mix Engineer at Arthur St Studios. Zach is a professional, humble and hard-working musician / producer / engineer. He has credits for mixing local Sydney bands such as Nyanza and other shoegaze artists. Zach is an aspiring professional capable of delivering radio-ready mixes for any genre of music. Zach prides himself on being able to mould and adapt his mixes to any style of music. He strives to listen and understand what each Artist wants and aims to deliver mixes that are musical and captivating. 

Strengths - All Genres

Gear Preference - Bulk Plugins and a well-treated room

Zeph - Producer

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Zeph has a long-running list of artists that he has worked with over the past few years. All local Sydney artists, rappers, MC's, songwriters and other musicians. Zeph is a modern-day producer, incorporating production techniques that are cutting-edge while creating unique sonic landscapes.

Strengths - EDM Production, Hip-hop, Pop and Mixing

Gear Preference - SM7B and a Laptop

Ethan - Producer

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Ethan is a resident producer working out of the Arthur Street producer room 6 and shares a space with Zeph. He has a steady flow of young and upcoming Indy and electronic bands and artists. He produces modern music by utilising innovative musical techniques. Ethan is a studied instrumentalist and solo artist himself. His style falls in indy pop and electronic-based music, as well as having the ability to branch out into other genres / styles.

Strengths - EDM Production, Pop, Indy Bands

Gear Preference - Logic and a DI'd Guitar


Prices / Rooms

Prices may vary depending on the studio / engineer / producer. Contact us for more information.

Josh's Studio (3 rooms)

- Live Room

- Vocal Booth

- Control Room


Dry Hire Rates

- $200 Per 8 Hour Day 

- Hourly Rate $33.00 Per Hour (Minimum 3 Hours)

Recording Studio + Engineer / Producer

- Day Rate $520

- $70 Per Hour (Minimum 3 hours)

Jimmy's Studio (1 room) (Room with backline )

Contact Jimmy for rates.

- Pro Tools 12

- Allen and Heath QU24 digital desk

- WIndows PC /w Bulls&%^ specs

- Plugin Alliance, Fab FIlter, Sound Toys, Waves plugs

- Ludwig Break Beats Kit, Fender Deluxe, Aguilar Bass Head with Ampeg Cab, Jack's crazy custom amp

Zach's Mixing Room (1 room)

Professionally treated mixing / production room w/ Sound Diffusion / Absorption constructed by the legendary "Paul" of Viking Lounge.

Contact Zach for rates.

- Crazy specced Imac with Logic DAW

- Apollo Interface + JLM Monitors

- All the plugins u can imagine

Producer Room (1 room)

Medium-sized production room

Contact for rates.

- Yamaha HS Monitors

- SM7B, TLM 103 + other mics from the studio

- Producers bring laptops

 Recording Equipment

Joshs Gear


RME 12 ch Fireface UFX 
Additional adat Options, Focusrite 18i20 8 ch interface


Preamps / Comps

Manley TNT 2 ch Tube Pre
2 X Rupert Neve 511's

2 X API VP 28's

JLM Audio BA 500 1 Ch Pre
JLM Audio FC 500 Comp


Alctron Trans/tube 1 Ch Pre
DBX - 160X Compressor
2 ch DBX 266 XL Compressor



Focal Shape 50's

AR 11 -  Hi-Fi Speakers


SansAmp Tech 21. NYC
Fishman DI

Behringer Ultra DI


Mac Pro - Solid State Driver, 36 GB Ram 


Plugins include Native, Kontact Complete, Soundtoys, Waves, Valhalla, Slate Digital Everything Bundle, Fab Filter


Pro Tools 12
Logic Pro




Neumann TLM 103

AKG -  414

AKG C1000s 

Ev RE20

Aston Spirit 

AKG - C451 B 
Shure Drum mics
5 x Sm 57's 
5 x SM 58's 
2 x Octavia Pencil Mics
Marantz MPM 1000
Marantz MPM 2000
Marantz MPM 3000
Nude C12 Clone

2 x Nude Ribbon Mics 

Rode NTR Ribbon

Lewwitt Drum Mics

Bees Neez Tube Mic


Gibson Les Paul Standard 
Greco Les Paul JNR (Law Suit Era)

Epiphone Les Paul Custom  
Epiphone 335 
Fender American standard Telecaster

Gretsch Dobro

Cole Clark FLAC2

Gibson Humming Bird Pro Acoustic
Race Gas Customs American Telecaster
Fender P Bass
70's Lawsuit Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Copy




Strymon Timeline 

LEEM AB - 200

Cross fire TRM - 507

Boss TR 2
Electro Harmonix Poly Tube 

Electro Harmonix POG 2

Strymon OB-1

Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive

Seymour Duncan Pick Up Booster

Mooer EQ

Dunlop Cry Baby - 3 or so models
Exotic SL Drive
Wampler Euphoria Overdrive
TC Electronic T2 Reverb
Wampler Latitude Tremelo

Marshall JCM 800 81 Reissue
Reynolds Valve Art Head
Egnater Tweaker 88 
Fender Deville 4 x 10 Combo
Bad Cat 1 x 12 Combo 
Fender Rumble 350 Bass Head